Spice Up Your Living With Some Chic Accessories

Maybe you have decided to go out with the old and in with the new and if that is the case have a look at these options available for you. Here at Distinctively French, we offer a variety of accessories for your living room which can be suitable for other spaces too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things. Animal prints are very trendy these days. You just have to know how to incorporate it correctly in to the space. We’ve researched some of the top new trends that we’re sure you’ll love and want in your living areas!


We love Animal Wall décor and it is one of the easiest ways to add an exciting and fresh new touch to your home.  You can achieve a unique look we would strive for with a range of photos, which you can print from online and layer on top of each other to give a retro, artistic look. Painting is also a fun option and you could even use wall stickers from your local craft store. We offer a hot pink wall flamingo for those with a more daring taste and other options for those who enjoy the more subtle look.



Animal statues are beneficial when trying to achieve a quirky look in your home, a more imaginative mind (like ours!) might like to think they’re like live objects but paused in time. A wonderful representation of the animal that’s being portrayed right in your living room. They give out a range of emotions to the room decor, which of course is great if you’re trying to give off a certain decorative tone. Furniture with animal carvings can also give the same effect, on our website you will find a beautifully carved bear that will jump out at your guests as a real bear would – the dark wooden side table will definitely bring some wild into your life.



We find that lamps and chandeliers are often either the cutest or most extravagant decoration in a room. Rooms can go into a cuteness – overload, especially when rabbits, dogs and birds are included in the decor. Animal themed lamps would be perfect for children’s rooms and adult living areas alike. LED lighting is the best way to reinforce lighting in your animal themed rooms as you can control settings on it and therefore give the room a softer or harsher feel, depending on your preference.  On our website we have many lighting options perfect to add to your collection. One of our favourites on the site, a statement golden and yellow pineapple lampshade, will ensure that you do not have a dark moment in your life.


A range of chic and shabby accessories are available and will be a lovely addition to spice up any animal lovers living area. Be sure to visit our stylish design mecca as we have a variety of furniture ranging from bathroom, bedroom, outdoor, living room, creative art for walls and so much more you can choose from.

Here’s some of our quirky favourites to liven up your home:


http://www.distinctivelyfrench.com/on-tr end-antique-gold-pineapple-table-buffet-lamp-light-w-yellow-white-shade-10186-p.asp




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